There is so many remix competitions and other sound contests floating around there and I know that SoundCloud them selves have made a complex web framework for hosting a remix competition using their API. I am a big fan of this, but I think it can be somewhat advanced to setup for the average user, and you have to create a different subdomain withink your site to set things up.


Why this plugin

Well first of all it’s just like any other WordPress plugin, you install it, make a few settings and it is up and running in no time. No additional setup is requiered other than having a WordPress installation with support for plugins.  The only thing that can be a bit tricky is setting up the SoundCloud App to get the settings requiered by the plugin, but I will explain this in detail so don’t worry, even my mother should be able to do this, well maybe not :)


Download plugin

Download “SoundCloud Sound Competition Plugin for WordPress”


1. Overview of the plugin


2. Create an App in SoundCloud and setting up your plugin


The stars has no specific function other than for the admin to mark the potential winners for a competition.